Organicup. Time to try something new!

This is a crucial time for us all. The planet is changing; we are being reminded everyday about our footprint and how sensitive our planet is. We each need to be held responsible for the well-being of the planet and the future generations to come. 

We all (men and women) are affected by menstrual cycles and all that comes with it. Month after month, year after year.  This includes the amount of disposable waste we women create each month by not having any other options.

A few months ago, I was given a wonderful gift to try the organicup. I have always been curious about it but of course like many of you, afraid to try something new. 

I researched all about it. The how, what and why of this product. The fact that I am very active and love to run, swim and bike is so important to find the best product that will keep me comfortable. 

It took me three months to get used to it but not because it was not easy and practical but because it was something new. It is very comfortable and you forget it is there at all. 

I recommend this product to all women, athletes or anyone even slightly active. 

Run, swim, bike, box, twirl and dance! The organicup does not fail! 

The best part is that you are contributing to helping the planet stop this tragic problem of so much waste and not to mention how much money you save month and month! 


Certified vegan and cruelty free. 

Zero waste

Organicup is 100% medical grade silicone. 

No toxins, artificial coloring, no BPA, no latex. 

This single cup will last up to 10 years. 

The instructions are printed right on the products packaging limiting the waste used! 


Women’s menstrual products like pads and tampons are the 5th most common type of waste washing up on beaches

You can use either 13 menstrual cups or 11,000 disposable menstrual products in your lifetime. 

Organicup can contain 3 times more than pads or tampons which means most people just need to empty it morning and evening. No interruptions during the day.

Where can you find it?


And even better…Monday January 20th until 27th you will get a 15% discount when buying the organicup!

Go online to and and read and see all the amazing information that is posted. You will learn so much and I am confident you will not regret making this change. 

Remember that no change is easy but is crucial for the sake of this planet and our well-being. 

Katy Taveira, MSc

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